Carbon credits stimulate cleaner fuel technology race

A breathless rendering about a Montreal mad professor who has come up with a box that gets hydrogen into the engine chamber of the combustion engine for a cleaner burn and 97% fuel efficiency, way up from the current 35% fuel efficiency of the internal combustion engine.

In fact, it could make the Kyoto protocol obsolete. Basically, the H2N-Gen contains a small reservoir of distilled water and other chemicals such as potassium hydroxide. A current is run from the car battery through the liquid. This process of electrolysis creates hydrogen and oxygen gases which are then fed into the engine's intake manifold where they mix with the gasoline vapours.

It's a scientific fact that adding hydrogen to a combustion chamber will cause a cleaner burn. The challenge has always been to find a way to get the hydrogen gas into the combustion chamber in a safe, reliable and cost-effective way
Joe Williams Snr also wants to meet Bill Gates.
Because if Joe Williams turns out to be right, "I think Bill Gates and our group will be shaking hands," he says. "It's that big."
While the journalist may be given to the hyperbole that the H2N-Gen could make Kyoto obsolete, Joe Williams keeps his eyes on his fries.
Furthermore, he would hope to get his hands on carbon credits promised by the Kyoto Protocol. The trade in carbon credits is predicted to be a multi-billion-dollar business as countries attempt to meet their 2012 obligations of cutting greenhouse gases to below 1990 levels.


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