It's not easy being yellow on blue.

Once commencing the Blogger process they ask you for a name. Right at Step 2, actually. I just wanted to blog on like everyone else is. Mine? About how I would like to live a greener lifestyle.

A name? Bloody hell. How about one that connotes a blog devoted to valiantly 'winning back the environment? Something like "greenback"? One word. That's good, there's a conscientious consumer angle in it. It doesn't matter that people don't refer to $100 notes as 'green backs' anymore, I am at Step 2 and need a name.

greenback.blogspot.com is not available, Blogger tell me matter-of-factly; your wacko idea has already been taken mate. So then, something straightforward; like greenliving.blogspot.com.

Taken again. Just how feral is Blogger? Time to get lateral. Yellow and blue? My blog will be a broad green church. blueandyellow.blogspot.com is not available.

So ... yellow on blue it is! Hope you like it.

Step 3 is to write. They just push you out the door.

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Carlo said...

Good Job! :)