Why doesn't Carr Govt. consider recycling?

The opposition is gaining ground on the water recycling opion. It makes sense to me as this seems like a smarter place to look for a solution. Selling the idea of drinking recycled water should not be hard, if you know what research questions to ask.

A private survey two years ago by the group commissioned to explore attitudes to recycled water for the State Government found 87 per cent support for the concept.

Phone polling this month by the same company on behalf of the Government showed high levels of discomfort with drinking recycled water, but the survey did not ask about using recycled water for other purposes
The politics behind is starting to emerge
The survey two years ago by UMR Research was for the recycling proponent Services Sydney, which is locked in a legal battle over access to Sydney Water's sewerage system. It wants to supply sewerage services to big companies in competition with Sydney Water, treat their sewage and then sell the recycled water for non-potable uses.

The State Government is refusing to support the proposal because it says there is an insufficient market for non-potable recycled water.

The 2002 UMR research, based on telephone interviews with 900 people in three marginal state electorates, found that 76 per cent said they were worried about the amount of waste being discharged out to sea. After prompting they expressed concern with Sydney Water's plans for the future, and 87 per cent said they wanted recycling.

Greens MPs have said the latest UMR study used loaded questions. People were asked about their comfort levels with drinking "recycled sewage including toilet water treated to drinkable standards".

Anne Davies
I am to understand that the drinking water in London has already passed through 9 sets of kidneys. It tastes fine.

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