Nice one Ma'am

When the British (and Australian ... go figure?) Queen decides that it is her turn to do something about reducing her energy footprint, she shows us how it is done:

London: The Queen is to go green after full planning permission was granted to run Windsor Castle on hydro-electric power.

The $2.3 million, four-turbine plant will be built at Romney Weir on the River Thames.
Charles has obviously been chewing on HRH's ear. His green credentials go way back.
The 56-year-old supported organic farming as far back as 1984, long before it became a mass consumer issue and his vociferous belief in conservation has often been ahead of the times

The Queen has her own army of devoted fans, and her going green in this way is a powerfull message to them.
Buckingham Palace said the royal household was pleased the project had been approved. "We're constantly looking at ways of saving energy," a spokesman for the Queen said. "We use energy-efficient lightbulbs at Buckingham Palace and recycle 99 per cent of green waste."

The electricity from the new plant will be fed straight into the Queen's Berkshire castle and not into the local grid. The plant will be the biggest of its kind in southern England.
HRH gets my vote, even though she does not run.


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